Cassipourea malosana

Ecological Study of Kirisia Forest Reserve


In order to inform a 2009 Conservation Enterprise Development Program, a preliminary ecological survey was carried out at the Kirisia Forest Reserve in Samburu District, Kenya. The survey was in response to an aerial survey conducted by the Wilderness Foundation UK that examined potential drivers of forest destruction.

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Suitability of the Taungya System at North Kilimanjaro Forest Plantation, Tanzania


This study analyses a taungya system in a north Kilimanjaro plantation forest in Tanzania. This study assesses the costs and revenues resulting from this system and the impacts to agriculture.

Research Goals & Methods

Field research was conducted to assess survival, food crop yield, financial feasability.

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Succession and Regeneration Patterns of East African Mountain Forests: A Review


For decades East Africa has experienced heavy tree felling, which has resulted in a change in species composition. This study conducted the phytosociological in Kenya and Ethiopia between 1992 and 1996 in order to understand the succession and regeneration processes in East African Mountain forests. 

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