Ecological Study of Kirisia Forest Reserve

Ecological Study of Kirisia Forest Reserve


In order to inform a 2009 Conservation Enterprise Development Program, a preliminary ecological survey was carried out at the Kirisia Forest Reserve in Samburu District, Kenya. The survey was in response to an aerial survey conducted by the Wilderness Foundation UK that examined potential drivers of forest destruction.

Goals & Methods

The object of the survey was to determine the status of the preserve, the state of illegal activities occuring within it, and provide a report on the preserve's flora and fauna. The author conducted informal interviews with local peoples, administrative officers, forest department personnel, and KWS personnel  along with group discussions mainly with young people in order to understand perception of the forest resources, opportunities for development and problems facing the forest. 

Reported Takeaways

The surveyor found strong reliance on the forest from local people and over-exploitation of its resources. Finally, she recommends monitoring systems for various forest resources in Kirisia.




Powys, A (2009). Ecological study of Kirisia forest reserve. Conservation Enterprise Development Program: Samburu, Kenya. Accessed: June 2020


  • Laikipia Wildlife Forum
  • Conservation Enterprise Development Program
  • Kirisia Forest Reserve, Samburu District