Fagraea fragrans

Annual report of the director of forestry of the Philippine Islands for the period 1907-1913


This report contains a number of sections relevant to early reforestation activities in the Philippines, including research on succession pathways, restoration experiments on degraded lands, tree nursery operations, and native species.

conclusion & takeaways

This report provides the rare opportunity to look at the history of forestry and ecological activities in the tropics. These activities and projects can now be analyzed in the full context of the past 100 years, wherein the arcs of their success, failure, and learnings can be more fully understood. 



Open access copy available

Performance of 45 Native Tree Species on Degraded Lands in Singapore


This paper evaluates research on the reforestation potential of 45 native tree species in Singapore, with a specific focus on identifying species that can quickly form a closed canopy.

Research Goals & Methods

Annual growth rate and survival was calculated for saplings (total 1640) planted between 1999 and 2004 on seven different sites, 3 dry, 2 average, 2 wet.

Open access copy available
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