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Evaluation of Natural Regeneration and Tree species diversity in Miombo woodlands in Malawi


This study seeks to determine the best management practices for the miombo woodland in Chongoni Forest Reserve, Malawi.

Research Goals & Methods

The authors used plots with four silvicultural practices-complete coppice, coppice with standard, selective thinning, and a control plot-to determine which method would have the best outcome for tree species diversity and natural regeneration of trees.

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Quarry dust emission effects on tree species diversity in Chongoni forest Reserve and vegetation characteristics in adjacent villages, Dedza, Malawi


Quarry dust is widely reported to have adverse effects on both human health and plant community structure, particularly resulting in decreased diversity and ecosystem functions. Therefore, it is critical to examine and monitor the interactions between these dust particles and vegetation.

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Fallow to Forest: Applying Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge of Swidden Cultivation to Tropical Forest Restoration


This study analyzed vegetation at two sites of shifting cultivation by Lawa and Karen indigenous people in the Mae Chaem watershed in 1-year, 3-year and 6-year fallow fields, with an area of natural forest as a control comparison.

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Effect of Adult Density on Regeneration Success of Woody Plants in Natural and Restored Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest Fragments in Puducherry Region, India


This study tested variables contributing to successful regeneration of Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) species in southern India, a forest type that is highly biodiverse but fragmented and commonly designated as “sacred groves”.

Conclusions & Takeaways

The researchers found that whether in longstanding “groves” or in reforested areas, adult tree density more strongly enhances the regeneration of any given species than do other factors such as the species’ dispersal mode or life form (e.g. tree, shrub, or liana).

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