Minquartia guianensis

Resilencia en Bosques Tropicales Húmedos: Reensamblaje de las Comunidades en Bosques Secundarios (Resilience in tropical humid forests: Reassemblies of the communities in secondary forests)

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Determinación del potencial germinativo de tres especies maderables nativas de un bosque húmedo tropical en Nicaragua (Determination of the germination potential of timber species native to Nicaragua)



Existe una falta de información sobre alternativas para el cultivo de especies maderables nativas en zonas de amortiguamiento.

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Attempting Restoration of Wet Tropical Forests in Costa Rica


This article describes a reforestation effort of the Tropical Forestry Initiative using mixed stands of native species to recover abandoned pastureland in the tropical wet forest of Costa Rica.

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Promoting Biodiversity: Advances in Evaluating Native Species for Reforestation


This article describes the design of a long-term species screening trial conducted at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica.

Research Goals & Methods

Growth and survivability data is presented for 84 species (17 popular exotics used for timber and 67 little-known local species with timber potential) at 3 years of age.

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