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Ecological Study of Kirisia Forest Reserve


In order to inform a 2009 Conservation Enterprise Development Program, a preliminary ecological survey was carried out at the Kirisia Forest Reserve in Samburu District, Kenya. The survey was in response to an aerial survey conducted by the Wilderness Foundation UK that examined potential drivers of forest destruction.

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Native Woody Species Regeneration in Exotic Tree Plantations at Munessa-Shashemene Forest, Southern Ethiopia


This study investigates native woody species regeneration in 4 exotic species monoculture plantations in Munessa-Shashemene Forest Project Area in southern Ethiopia. The plantation ages ranged from 9 to 28 years.

Research Goals & Methods

To sample for vegetation diversity and analyses of floristic composition, species richness, and abundance, 60 sample plots were established in the study area.  48 of these plots were in plantations and 12 were in adjacent natural forests.

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Effects of fire on the recruitment of rain forest vegetation beneath Pinus caribaea plantations, Sri Lanka


Groundstory fires burn forest understories and can impact advance regeneration, contributing to conversion of forests to fire-sustained grasslands or fernlands. While plantations of fire-tolerant trees have been successfully established on these sites, managing fire in the newly developing understory remains an issue of concern.

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