Warburgia ugandensis

Forest Succession in Kibale National Park, Uganda: Implications for Forest Restoration and Management


This sudy examines forest succession in 4 plots in former grasslands adjacent to mature forests in Kibale National Park, Ngogo, Uganda. These plots were located in areas protected from fire for .58,25,9 and 30 years for plots 1,2, 3, and 4 respectively.

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Fire Control as a Simple Means of Promoting Tropical Forest Restoration


This study investigates whether or not fire exclusion allows grasslands to regenerate to forest in a timeframe suitable for reforestation efforts. The researchers compare tree species richness, dbh, diameter at ground height (DGH), and total woody biomass accumulation in 2 plots that have been protected from fire. They measure the size and amount of above ground biomass in plots that have been protected from fire for 12 and 32 years respectively in Kibale National Park, Uganda.

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Kibale National Park Rehabilitation Project


Kibale National Park is one of the last remaining tracks of tropical forest in Uganda. It provides great environmental benefits, specifically serving as a home to large populations of primates. The Kibale National Park Rehabilitation Project seeks to protect these benefits.

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