Kibale National Park Rehabilitation Project

Kibale National Park Rehabilitation Project


Kibale National Park is one of the last remaining tracks of tropical forest in Uganda. It provides great environmental benefits, specifically serving as a home to large populations of primates. The Kibale National Park Rehabilitation Project seeks to protect these benefits.

Goals & Approach

The overall goal of the project is to protect and restore biodiversity, increase carbon stocks and sustain the park’s overall vital ecological functions. This project began in 1995 to promote the regeneration of 10,000 ha of deforested lands within the Kibale National Park in western Uganda. Actions taken have included the manual weeding of elephant grass and planting of 400 native tree saplings per hectare.

Reported Takeaways

The project employs over 125 staff members who earn a salary as well as medical benefits for working on the project. So far, over 3,500 hectares have been restored with emissions reductions estimated at over 40,000 per year.


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  • Uganda Wildlife Authority