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Parcs agroforestiers sahéliens: de la conservation à l’aménagement (Agroforestry parks of the Sahel: from conservation to management)

The authors describe the history of farmer managed wooded parklands in northern Cameroon. They note that a counter-productive ban on cutting from 1950-1990 provided a disinsentive for farmers to care for and plant young trees. Finally, the authors argue for implementation of farmer managed agroforestry parklands where parkland governance is mean to fall on local villages as opposed to local forestry department officers. In doing so, the authors provide suggestions for best practices in managing these wooded parklands for agroforestry.


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Quelles sont les causes de la déforestation dans le bassin du Congo? Synthèse bibliographique et études de cas (What are the causes of deforestation in the Congo Basin? Bibliographic synthesis and case studies)

The article presents a literature review of different factors affecting deforestation rates in the Congo (especially Cameroon and Gabon), the most devastating of which they identified as agriculture. The authors argue that the Congo Bassin is one of the most important and best preserved ecosystems on earth. Finally, the author calls for moe studies of socio-economic factors representing the different stages of degradation, so as to better inform policy.


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Ouragans et diversite biologique dans les forets tropicales. L’exemple de la Guadeloupe (Hurricanes and diversity in tropical forests: the example of Guadeloupe).

The authors examined the relationship between hurricane disturbances and biodiversity and found that diversity of forests increased their resistance to hurricane disturbances. They concluded that recurrence of strong hurricanes could lead to extirpation of rare or vulnerable non-pioneer species.


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Reverdir le Sahel: Le succès de la régénération (Regreening the Sahel: Regeneration success)

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Évaluation des impacts socio-économiques: cas d’unité forestière d’aménagement de la compagnie forestière Leroy-Gabon (Socio-economic Impact Assessment: The Case of the Leroy-Gabon Forest Management Unit)


This article provides a socioeconomic impact assessment of forest operations by the Leory-Gabon forest company.

Research Goals & Methods

Data were collected in villages and forest-exploitation camps between 2001 and 2002. The study relied on group survey data and selected research villages that experienced direct effects of forestry that were located in the UFA1 forestry zone.

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Mise à échelle du reverdissement: six étapes vers le succès--une approche pratique pour la restauration des forêts et des paysages (Scaling up Regreening: Six Steps to Success--A Practical Approach to Forest and Landscape Restoration)

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Le rôle des forêts et des arbres dans l’adaptation sociale à la variabilité et au changement climatiques (The role of forests and trees for social adaptation to climate change and variability)

The authors of this article give a broad overview of the role of forests and trees for adaptation to climate change. In doing so, they discuss the beneficial social outcomes from the trees, as well as their effect of creating more resilient agricultural systems. The authors end by suggesting further studies of ecosystem based management (EBM) practices.


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Impact des aménagements de conservation des eaux et des sols sur la régénération des ressources ligneuses en zone sahélienne et nord soudanienne du Burkina Faso

The article seeks to catalogue trees used for traditional tools. The authors note that in certain areas, over exploitation of resources for traditional needs contributed to forest and soil degradation. They conclude arguing that traditional knowledge must be documented and taken into account in order for sustainable development projects to be successful.


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Les plantations forestières en afrique centrale: des sylvicultures nouvelles pour répondre aux nouveaux besoins des sociétés

The article provide several arguments for investing in tree plantations in central Africa where tropical wet and dry forests have been degraded and exploitation of forest resources is unsustainable. The authors give examples of benefits from native plantations in addition to exotic plantations. The article concludes by discussing the benefits tree plantations can have on society and the need for more scientific research on native tree plantations in central Africa.


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Explorer la banque de graines du sol pour mieuxcomprendre la dynamique de régénération des forêtstropicales africaines (synthèse bibliographique)

The authors provide a review of the current knowledge of soil seed banks in African tropical forests. They argue that increased knowledge of soil seed banks will lead to better understanding of forest regeneration and therefore more successful reforestation efforts. Finally, the authors call for better characterization of seed banks based on forest community, as this could aid reforestation and sustainable forest management efforts in African tropical forests.


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