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Growth analysis of nine multipurpose woody legumes native from southern Mexico


Deforestation in Mexico has produced significant soil degradation. Reforestation with native leguminous shrubs and trees can contribute to restoration of soil properties. This study evaluates early growth of nine leguminous tree and shrub species in nursery conditions in an ejido (communal agricultural land) in southern Mexico.

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Impact of Plantation on Ecosystem Development in Disturbed Coal Mine Overburden Spoils


This study evaluates the growth, survival, understory composition, and soil conditions in a plantation established on a mine site in India.

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Los árboles en la ganadería del trópico seco (Trees in agroforestry systems in the tropical dry forest)

Los autores destacan la importancia de la vegetación arbórea nativa, tanto de especies leguminosas como no leguminosas, manejadas ya sea de forma empírica o siguiendo un método científico de algunos sistemas silvopastoriles presentes en el estado de Colima, México. Se enfatizan las características nutricionales tanto del follaje como de los frutos. Se describen algunos sistemas silvopastoriles, entre ellos: el manejo de cocotero en la región costera, los árboles en los potrero

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Les légumineuses arborescentes dans les systèmes de production des zones sèches de Côte d'Ivoire (Arborescent leguminous plants in the production systems of dry zonesin Côte d’Ivoire)

The authors saught to identify woody legumes adapted to dry conditions of Côte d’Ivoire and to determine their success in reforestation. They describe 18 species of woody plants that were successful seven years after planting while also noting several species that responded well to coppicing under tropical dry conditions.

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