BCTL: Mangrove Reforestation Project, Coast of Thailand

BCTL: Mangrove Reforestation Project, Coast of Thailand


This project takes place in the Mangrove forests of Thailand. In the past half century, the mangrove forests have been rapidly diminishing due to the expansion of shrimp and salt farms. From 1961 to 1996, Thailand lost approximately 56 % of its mangrove forests. Since then, its indigenous ecosystem has been faced with the threat of extinction. The deforestation also endangers the lives of the local people who live in the coastal areas, where tsunamis pose a real threat. 

GOALS & approach

To improve this situation, BROTHER COMMERCIAL (THAILAND) LTD. (BCTL) began to provide support for a mangrove reforestation project in 2009. The project makes donations to implement reforestation efforts in which it helps build a "Bamboo Wall" to protect seedlings against waves, as well as planting new trees. The company also promotes awareness for environmental protection by directly engaging its employees to participate in project activities. 


Through this mangrove reforestation project, BCTL realizes that  public awareness of environmental conservation can be improved at local community level.  Engaging in such a project also helps to win the respect of all stakeholders including business partners, employees and their family members. 


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