Laguna Pedro Palo - Reserva Tenasuca, Colombia

Laguna Pedro Palo - Reserva Tenasuca, Colombia

This project is located in a community reserve outside of Bogota, Colombia, in montane Andean oak forest. Plantings are performed by members of the reserve association, which includes a small NGO and local landowners.

2-3 hectares were planted around a lake in 1998, these plantings were predominantly Andean oak (Quercus humboltii), this forest area reached canopy closure in 2010-2013. Reserve managers believe that this oak buffer area helps to maintain a constant water level of the lake, by recharging a continuous supply of groundwater throughout the year.

From 2008-2013, various areas of live fence and riparian buffer were planted between small pastures in order to form ecological corridors linking the forest area of the lake to other forested areas in the landscape. These plantings consist of fast growing pioneer species such as Ochroma pyramidalis, Smallanthus pyramidalis, and Oreopanax floribundum, as well as mid to late successional trees such as willow, Podocarpus, Spanish cedar, and Andean walnut.

The reserve receives funding from volunteers, visitors, local government, and the Instituto Humbolt.