Croton magdalenensis

Laguna Pedro Palo - Reserva Tenasuca, Colombia

This project is located in a community reserve outside of Bogota, Colombia, in montane Andean oak forest. Plantings are performed by members of the reserve association, which includes a small NGO and local landowners.

2-3 hectares were planted around a lake in 1998, these plantings were predominantly Andean oak (Quercus humboltii), this forest area reached canopy closure in 2010-2013. Reserve managers believe that this oak buffer area helps to maintain a constant water level of the lake, by recharging a continuous supply of groundwater throughout the year.

Open access copy available

Propuesta metodológica para seleccionar especies pioneras leñosas con fines de restauración ecológica, dentro de la reserva biológica cachalú (Encino-Santander) (Methodology for selecting woody pioneer species for ecological restoration)

Open access copy available
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