Agroforestry Training Program: Taking Action, Reaching Out

Agroforestry Training Program: Taking Action, Reaching Out


Each section of this training manual is designed as a lesson on a specific aspect or technique of agroforestry. An overview of land degradation, deforestation, climate change and agroforestry introduces the manual with the first series of lessons. The following agroforestry technologies are covered: windbreaks, living fences, alley cropping, terraces and contour plantings, and firebreaks. The following topics are also discussed: agroforestry for livestock management, income-generating activities, community needs. With regard to propagation the manual explains the following: seed collection, storage, and pretreatment; bareroot nurseries and barestem seedlings; vegetative propagation; and sapling protection and dry season maintenance.

Conclusions & Takeaways

The manual reviews 12 lessons concerning one of the topics or themes listed above. The lessons provide a short overview, review key concepts, and answers frequenty asked or high relevant questions. The manual also provides a final evaluation of this training course, provided in the form of an agroforestry test, at the end of the packet.


Trees for the Future, 2008, "Agroforestry Training Program: Taking Action, Reaching Out" Silver Spring, Maryland, p. 66.


  • Trees for the Future, Silver Spring, MD, USA