CarbonBrake: Nayakla, Burkina Faso

CarbonBrake: Nayakla, Burkina Faso


CarbonBrake works with Nayakla, Burkina Faso on the reforestation of unproductive land. Villagers actively engage in the program, both planting and maintaining the new forests, which will serve as a source of regular income and enable them to plan and sustain the village. 

GOALS & Approach

The project aims to provide solar energy as an alternative to biomass and gas powered generators. The primary species that are planted are Nere (Parkia biglobosaand Karite (Vitellaria paradoxa), which are sourced locally and local villagers are employed to assist in their planting, watering and maintenance. Water is drawn from a well built with funding from CarbonBrake. 


Although started as a reforestation project, additional benefits including fresh water, better sanitation through more elaborate and better excavated lavatories are provided. 


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