Face the Future: Ecuador

Face the Future: Ecuador


Due to high population levels and a constant reliance on natural resources for livelihoods, the Andes region in Ecuador has lost an estimated +90% of its primary forest. Since 1993, Face the Future and the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment have worked together to reforest this region.

Goals & Method

The objective of the project was to work towards reforesting the region through plantings. Farmers preferred species that grew well and had economic value, such as plant pines and eucalyptus. Native species were also planted, particularly within reserve areas. 

Reported Takeaways

Of the publication date of this report, 19,000 hectares of forests have been planted in the Andes region through this project.


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  • Programa Face de Forestación Latinoamerica
  • Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment