Ulu Masen REDD+ initiative, Aceh, Indonesia

Ulu Masen REDD+ initiative, Aceh, Indonesia


The area of the Ulu Masen Conservation Area has been degraded due to an illegal logging boom after the tsunami as well as increasing agricultural expansion. The Ulu Masen REDD+ initiative was developed by the Government of Aceh (GoA) to address these issues.

Goals & Approach

The purpose of this project is to develop and test carbon finance mexhanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to conserve biodiversity, and to contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of the local community. The total area projected for the project is for 750,000 ha to be designated as ‘Carbon Forests'. Monitoring, law enforcement, reforestation, restoration, and sustainable community logging is projected to occur on the 750,000 ha of land and a buffer zone will also be developed on the periphery and comprises the majority of degraded land that will be reforested and rehabilitated,

Reported Takeaways

In 2014, Ulu Masen REDD+ initiative experienced a leadership changed that halted the project, leaving the current and future status of the project in a state of limbo. REDD+ has continued in Aceh, but is more focused on the national policy level. 



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  • Government of Aceh