Beekeeping of Stingless Bees to Strengthen Community Livelihoods

Beekeeping of Stingless Bees to Strengthen Community Livelihoods


This publication provides a summary of a training held Central Kalimantan, Indonesia in November 2019 concerning the keeping of stingless bees to enhance local livelihoods. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) requires companies to protect, conserve, and restore areas of high conservation value (HCV); one means of achieving this is through providing sustainable livelihoods like beekeeping. Thus this training aims at providing both plantation managers and local community members with the technical skills and knowledge to promote stingless beekeeping in order to preserve biodiversity and promote livelihoods. 

Conclusions & Takeaways

The publication summarizes the events of the three-day training, which included an introductory course, a hands-on group activity, and a practicum. The report also details how following the course, a WhatsApp was created among the participants and leaders in order to share information and how a participant expressed interest in holding a similar training in his/her community, demonstrating the success of the program. 



ELTI, Goodhope Asia Holding, Ltd., Tropenbos Indonesia Program (TBI) & Balitek KSDA (2019) "Beekeeping of Stingless Bees to Strengthen Community Livelihoods" Accessed: August 2020


  • Environmental Leadership & Training Initiative (ELTI)
  • Research & Development Institute for Natural Resource Conservation Technology (BALITEK-KSDA)
  • Tropenbos Indonesia Program (TBI)