Carbon Forestry Project CO2OL Tropical Mix

Carbon Forestry Project CO2OL Tropical Mix


Degraded land, originally forest land, later used for extensive cattle ranching, is reforested with mostly native tree species and gradually converted into mixed forests. The project provides for sustainable timber production and cocoa cultivation; protects biodiversity and restores a healthy forest ecosystem. The  project reforests previously degraded pastureland with a mixture of native tree species to produce fine tropical timber, enrich the soil, save and filter water, sequester carbon, and contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

GOALS & Approach

The project is based on the model of, ForestFinance, which combines timber production with biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration. The first trees of the project were planted in 2007 and is already certified. The future plans are to expand upon the plantation and to combine projects with the CO2OL Native Tree Species project. By 2019, the project has over 7.5 million trees, created 150 jobs, protected 15 endangered species and reduced 525,389 t C02 emissions.


CO2OL Tropical Mix is one of the first to be successfully certified under the renowned Gold Standard for land use and forestry projects, and the cocoa production areas were the first agroforestry systems to be certified under the Gold Standard. The project shows how sustainable forest management and cocoa production can offer employment opportunities, improve economic and social situation of rural communities and families, and achieve carbon targets. Moreover, the project offers oppotunities for mutual learning and knowledge transfer among other projects in similar contexts.


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