Cloudbridge Reforestation Project

Cloudbridge Reforestation Project


The mission of the Cloudbridge Reforestation Project is to rebuild a deforested part of tropical cloud forest using native trees to bridge a gap between two mountainside forests.  Local people as well as tree consultants are hired to plant the native species.  

GOALS & Approach

Seedlings are gathered from the forest, maintained in a nursery, and planted during the rainy season.  Research is conducted on the land to better understand the cloud forest ecology, the flora and the fauna and subsequently participants are educated in the type of trees to be planted. Various researchers from universities and the Smithsonian Institute continue to conduct studies on the land.


The project began in March 2002 with the purchase of 10 acres of property. Now the project encompasses 700 acres of land of which the majority is former cattle pasture, and around 15% is primary forest. Approximately 15,000 trees have been planted in nine years of the project.



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