Restoration of Tropical Forest Ecosystems

Restoration of Tropical Forest Ecosystems


This book presents a compilation of papers presented at a symposium on "Restoration of Tropical Forest Ecosystems" that occurred in Bonn, Germany during October of 1991. The event, sponsored by Mitsubishi Corporation, addressed the reasons for tropical forest destruction, opportunities and challenges for restoration, rehabilitation and management. This book presents perspectives  of authors from different countries and contexts on forestry, ecology, and nature conservation to address the need for restoration and rehabilitation of tropical forests.

Research Goals and Methods

Twenty three papers are compiled into this book. Each paper describes a tropical forest management or restoration effort in a different country  or context. For example, one paper describes a restoration effort in Japan and Malaysia where there was an attempt to accelerate succession on barren lands. Another paper draws lessons from the Amazon, where soil physical and chemical parameters were analysed to determine the likely degree of successful tree growth and revegetation. 


The book concludes with key takeaways. Among these is the fact that tropical forest restoration and management is confronted with contending demands for resources from large corporations.  The book emphasizes the need to harness collaboration among scientists and practitioners, and transfer of new scientific knowledge into social and political systems. 



Lieth H, Mooney HA, Lieth H, Lohmann M, eds. Restoration of Tropical Forest Ecosystems. Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands; 1991. doi:10.1007/978-94-017-2896-6.