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Etude environnementale de la Réserve naturelle forestière de Bururi (Environmental study of the Bururi forest reserve)

The author presents a study of the Buruni forest reserve in Burundi (RNFB). He puts the current state of the forest in a historical context and provides a survey of animals and plants living in the reserve. The author details the forest reserve's ecological functioning and provides hydrologic and climatic data about the reseve along with discusses the threats to the Buruni forest reserve and offers suggestions for its protection.


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La gestion inclusive des forêts d’Afrique centrale: passer de la participation au partage des pouvoirs (Inclusive management of Central African forests: from participation to power sharing)

The authors identify several gaps observed in forest management in the field in Central Africa. They call for increased inclusion in management to meet the needs of local communities.


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Crise de l’économie de plantation et modification du paysage agraire dans l’ancienne boucle du cacao: l’exemple de Daoukro (Economic Crisis of Plantation and Landscape Modification in the Former Cocoa Belt: The Example of Daoukro)


This article explores the history of agrarian transition in the Ivory Coast's former cacao belt. 

Conclusions & Takeaways

The shift away from cacao production to commodities like rubber, rice, cashews and oil palm results in changes in labor conditions and social relations. 


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Effet de la lumière des trouées de la canopée sur le potentiel et la dissémination de Gnetum africanum dans les écosystèmes forestiers congolais

This article examines Gnetum africanum, a species of commercial interest in Central African forests. The authors Iinvestigated the importance of light in Gnetum africanum dispersal and regeneration by analysing the effect of canopy gaps on Gnetum africanum in different forest types. Ther determined that Gnetum africanum is a shade tolerant species that needs shade to germinate and prefers low light levels as juveniles.


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Gestion durable des ressources forestières: Rapport pour les états généraux de la forêt, de la faune et des ressources en eau (Sustainable management of forest resources: report on the state of forest, fauna, and water resources)

The authors discuss causes for ecosystem degradation in Ivory Coast. They highlight problems of governance, inappropriate management techniques, industrial exploitation of minerals and production of charcoal, ultimately offering recommendations to improve forest management.


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Aspects de la régénération naturelle en forêt dense de Côte-d’Ivoire (Aspects of natural forest regeneration in Ivory Coast)

The author describes forest dynamics in the Ivory Coast. He discusses primarily forest regeneration as a process disturbed by perturbations that leave a gap in the canopy and notes that leading up to these disturbances, forested areas build up seed banks. The author concludes that characteristics of the disturbance determine future forest vegetation.


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La pratique de la gestion durable des terres: Directives et bonnes pratiques en Afrique subsaharienne (The practice of sustainable land management: Guidance and best practices in sub-Saharan Africa)

The authors present the state of land management in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on unsustainable exploitation of soils, vegetation, and water resources. The authors end by discussing the urgent need for a new system of governance and sustainable land management in sub-Saharan Africa.


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Successions Post-Culturales en Foret Tropicale: Essai de Synthèse Bibliographique (Secondary succession in tropical forests: essay and bibliographic synthesis)

This article discusses four models of secondary succession (facilitation, inhibition, tolerance, and random). The authors examine the differences between the fundamental niche and the realized niche and they note that very little has been studied about ecosystem function of tropical forests.


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Initiative pour la restauration des forêts et paysages forestiers en Afrique (Initiative for the restoration of forests and forest corridors in Africa)

The authors present an overview of the African forest landscape initiative, a cooperatoin between WRI, NEPAD, BMZ and The World Bank. The document reviews opportunities and challenges for forest land restoration projects in Africa as well as opportunities for collaboration with governments, NGOs, and intergovernmental agencies.



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Carbon sequestration in Africa: The land tenure problem


Inconsistent land tenure practices across Africa are an obstacle to expanding tropical afforestation project with the goal of carbon sequestration. Few discussions of tropical afforestation in Africa address this obstacle.

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