Taking Root Reforestation

Taking Root Reforestation


Deforestation is one of the largest contributors to climate change. Based in Montreal, Canada, Taking Root works in Nicaragua to fight deforestation throught market-based approaches.

Goals & Approach

Taking Root recongizes that farmers face economic hurtles to growing trees on their farms, including access to capital, technical know-how, and diseconomies of scale. This program uses a non-profit business model to address these issues through partnering with farmers and their families to provide payments for ecosystem services and assist with tree planting.

Reported Takeaways

As of 2018, Taking Root had planted 200 hectares, which equals over 800,000 trees. They have also partnered with over 150 smallholders through their PES scheme. Future plans may include setting up a micro-investment program where farmers who want to establish woodlots for the sustainable production of firewood, posts, and timber would receive yearly advance payments in exchange for a share of the future harvest.



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