Uganda Carbon Neutral Project 2017

Uganda Carbon Neutral Project 2017


Previous programs have demonstrated that carbon payment programs can greatly benefit local livelihoods while also promoting ecosystem services. Thus, the Embassy of Ireland in Kampala began a carbon neutral program with the Ndangara-Nyakiyanja Tutuguke Group in Rubirizi Distract, Uganda to pursue these outcomes 

Goals & Approach

The goal of the program is to reduce degradation and relieve pressure on existing forests. This is achieved through paying small-scale farmers to plant trees. Many of these trees provide other economic benefits, such as fruit or medicinal trees. 

Reported Takeaways

By 2017, 450 members of had planted 541 hectares of eucalyptus and indigenous tree species. The 250 farmers who planted indigenous tree species have to date been paid Uganda Schillings while a second payment is due soon.  Trees have formed a basis for other related enterprises like commercial wood fuel, transmission poles and timber milling.


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