Understanding Forest-Water Connections in India

Understanding Forest-Water Connections in India


The community in East Khasi Hills region of Indian expressed concern about water scarcity. In response, WeForest, the FAO's Forest and Water Programme, held a 5-day workshop in 2017 with the Ka Synjuk Ki Hima Arliang Wah Umiam Mawphlang Welfare Society. The workshop was designed to increase local capacity and decision-making of natural resource management in regards to the East Khasi Hills Forest Restoration Project. Fifteen to eighteen individuals attended the workshop who represented various leadership teams on the project.


Goals & Approach

The objectives of the workshop were increase understanding of forest-water interactions, develop a local forest-water monitoring plan, and to increase local capacity. The workshop addressed forest-water concepts, monitoring methods and their implications for the Khasi Hills; it included a combination between classroom work and field work.

Reported Takeaways

Participants reported a positive experience with the workshop, particularly its impact on stakeholder cohesion and multi-stakeholder exchange. A follow-up workshop is planned for 2018.


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  • WeForest (Belgium and U.S. - based NGO)
  • FAO Forest & Water Programme
  • Ka Synjuk Ki Hima Arliang Wah Umiam Mawphlang Welfare Society