Mainstreaming Native Species-Based Forest Restoration

Mainstreaming Native Species-Based Forest Restoration


This publication summarizes the proceedings of a 2010 conference held in the Phillipines titled "Mainstreaming Native Species-Based Forest Restoration", which aimed to provide technical expertise and experience with restoration and reforestation practices for tropical forests in order to address the country's forest cover decline. The report summarizes the events of the two days, including two opening remarks, six presentations, and five panels. 

Conclusions & Takeaways

The first day of presentations focused primarily on the technical aspects of reforestation. The topics ranged from native species use, application of traditional knowledge, climate change mitigation, and economic issues. The following days panels then took on the more practical matter of working with various stakeholders. Each panel focused on one stakeholder group, including national government, local government, private sector, and local communities. Overall, the conference and its subsequent report provides signficant information and lessons to more reforestation forward 


ELTI, RFRI, & UP (2010) "Mainstreaming Native Species-Based Forest Restoration" Accessed: August 2020


  • The Environmental Leadership and Training Initiative (ELTI)
  • Rain Forest Restoration Initiative (RFRI)
  • University of the Philippines (UP)