Tea Landscapes Adaptation Project

Tea Landscapes Adaptation Project


In Malawi, tea plays a critical role in livelihoods yet climate change is increasingly challenging the longterm viability of the crop, which are then compounded by deforestation and soil erosion. 

Goals & Approach

Greenpop, together with Action for Environmental Sustainability (AFES) and the Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy (CEPA), has developed a project to work with smallholder tea growers (SHTGs) to address climate change adaptation and natural resource management. The project is divided into three phases, including the holistic involvement of key stakeholders, a mapping exercise to identify beneficiaries, and finall activities such as gender awareness meetings, capacity building in climate change adaptation, alternative livelihoods, sustainable agriculture practices, and lobbying and advocacy. 

Reported Takeaways

The project has worked with 83 farmers in two districts in Malawi. 


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  • Greenpop
  • Action for Environmental Sustainability
  • Centre for Environmental Policy and Advocacy
  • The Rainforest Alliance