Strategies and innovations for capacity building on ecological restoration

Strategies and innovations for capacity building on ecological restoration


This paper summarizes the proceedings of 2015 symposium titled “Strategies and innovations necessary for capacity building on ecological restoration." While public institutions and private enterprises have recognized the need to prioritize ecological restoration, this symposium focuses in on a smaller school, highlighting researchers, NGOs, and land managers who are making great advancements in the science and practice of ecological restoration. The paper summarized 7 presentations by various practitioners throughout Latin America, each of whom discuss their experience in training or capacity building for ecological restoration.

Conclusions & Takeaways

The paper demonstrates the importance of training and capacity development in ecological restoration; both typically involve diverse stakeholders and work towards sharing knowledge and practices, thus enhancing institutional capacity and working towards the achievement of large scale restoration goals. Moreover, the summaries provide important strategies and lessons learned that, if effectively communicated to other practitioners, can enhance the future of restoration. 



  • The Environmental Leadership and Training Initiative (ELTI)
  • The Center for Research on Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems (CIPAV)