National Forest Policy of Malawi

National Forest Policy of Malawi


In Malawi, there has been extensive forest degradation, estimated at an annual loss of 2.8%. The degradation is caused by a variety of factors, including agriculture expansion, human settlement, fire use, timber and non-timber over extraction. The 2016 Forest Policy of Malawi outlines a policy-approach to stop and revert these trends. 

Goals & Approach

The general goal of the Forest Policy is to the conserve, establish, protect and manage trees and forests for the sustainable development throughout Malawi. The plan's approach is multi-dimensional, addressing issues related to capacity development, knowledge, livelihoods, markets, and land management.

Reported Takeaways

The policy expects to contribute to the increase of forest cover by 2%, increasing total cover from 28% to 30% by 2021. 



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  • Government of the Republic of Malawi