Landscape Pattern Dynamics and Mechanisms during Vegetation Restoration: A Multiscale, Hierarchical Patch Dynamics Approach


This study examines patterns of restoration using permanent plots and remote sensing of a nature reserve from 1979 to the present using a multiscale, hierarchical patch dynamic framework.

Research Goals & Methods

This study attempts to document changes in time and space during the restoration of forests with the purpose of understanding its patterns and processes.

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Seed Dispersal Distances and Plant Migration Potential in Tropical East Asia


Most predictions of vegetation responses to anthropogenic climate change over the next century are based on plant physiological tolerances and do not account for the ability of plant species to migrate over the distances required in the time available, or the impact of habitat fragmentation on this ability. This review assesses the maximum routine dispersal distances achievable in tropical East Asia and their vulnerability to human impacts.

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Trees Commonly Cultivated in Southeast Asia: An Illustrated Field Guide


This manual is an identification guide for the commonly-encountered trees of Southeast Asia. It provides botanical information for conifers, broad-leafed trees, bamboos, palms, and bananas.

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