Régénération naturelle assistée: Gestion des arbres champêtres au Sahel (Assisted natural regeneration: management of wild trees in the Sahel)

The authors outline threats to forest regeneration in the Sahel, particularly with regard to agroforestry systems. Better agroforestry practices that incorporate assisted natural regeneration would allow for more sustainable availability of firewood and productivity of agroforestry systems. The authors strongly advocate for major changes in behavior and politics, including decentralization of authority over forest resources.


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Ecological restoration, rehabilitation and recuperation- national plan for ecosystem restoration (Colombia: Restauración ecológica, rehabilitación y recuperación- plan nacional de restauración de ecosistemas)




In recent years, restoration efforts in Colombia have focused mostly on the control of invasive plants such as Ulex europaeus and the restoration of riparian forests. Nevertheless, to tackle biodiversity loss and forest disturbance and attaining the restoration of affected ecosystems, a more integral strategy is required.

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