Our land, our life: A participatory assessment of the land tenure situation of the Indigenous peoples in Guyana. Report for Region 8


From 1995 onwards, the government of Guyana began to address undecided Amerindian claims by demarcating land in villages where titles had already been granted, granting title extensions, and grant new titles. This report outlines the findings and recommendations of a participatory assessment of land tenure security among indigenous people in present-day northwestern Guyana.

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Croissance et assimilation nette foliaire de jeunes plants de dix arbres de la forêt guyanaise, cultivés à cinq niveaux d'éclairement


This study assesses the growth of ten species of tropical rainforest trees under 5 different light conditions.

Conclusions & Takeaways

The authors find that juveniles of most species did best in 25-45% sun light conditions and that the lowest light levels severely decrease growth across species.


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Quelques réussites dans la réduction de la déforestation: Des pays tropicaux où les politiques de protection de la forêt et de reboisement ont fonctionné

This report highlights successes of developing countries and their strategies for reducing deforestation and as a result, their emissions of greenhouse gases. The authors note that decreases in deforestation are primarily a result of REDD+ programs, including payments for ecosystem services, better law enforcement, governance reforms, moratoria on deforestation practices, and incorporating the environment in development efforts. Other successes come from policy changes and programs that have had intended and unintended positive impacts on forests.


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Cooperative Republic of Guyana National Forest Plan 2018


The National Forest Plan 2018 was developed in conjunction with the Guyana National Forest Policy Statement with technical and stakeholder input. The Forest Plan describes the implementation steps for the Forest Policy, which will be carried out by the Guyana Forest Committee. 

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Evaluación técnica y financiera de la silvicultura desarrollada en un bosque natural de la Guayana venezolana (Technical and financial evaluation of silvicultural management in the Venezuelan Guayana)

Los autores analizan el funcionamiento de una empresa forestal que ejecuta, desde 1996, un plan de ordenación y manejo forestal en un bosque seco tropical, El Dorado- Tumeremo, con una superficie productiva 66 000 ha (Estado Bolívar, Venezuela). Se aprovechan unas 30 especies según diámetros mínimos de corta, clasificadas según su potencial comercial: las comerciales (Hymenaea courbaril, Pouteria caimito, Spondias mombin, Cordia alliodora, Andira sp., Manilkara bidentata y Peltogyne pubescens), las potencialmente comerciales (Cordia bicolor, Fagara martinicense, Tetragastris panamensis, Ceiba pentandra, Brosi- mun alicastrum, Aspidosperma megalocarpum, Astronium lecontei) y las que no tienen valor com

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