Forestry‐based carbon sequestration projects in Africa: Potential benefits and challenges


While there is growing international interest in developing payment schemes for environmental services, including forest-based carbon sequestration, concern has been expressed that these initiatives are unequally distributed around the globe with an emphasis on Asia or Latin America leaving out African countries where financial inflows could make an especially significant impact given many are among the poorest in the world. This paper seeks to fill a gap in the literature by synthesizing forest-based carbon sequestration projects in Africa while considering the potential to locate future projects there.

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Karité (Vitellaria paradoxa) and Néré (Parkia biglobosa) associated with Crops in South Mali


This study analyzes the growing conditions of agricultural crops (cotton, sorghum, and pearl millet) under the common African savanna agroforestry trees Parkia biglobosa (karité) and Vitellaria paradoxa (néré), the source of the cosmetic product shea butter.

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