Restoration and Rehabilitation of Degraded Ecosystems in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands. II. Case studies in Southern Tunisia, Central Chile and Northern Cameroon


This study compares non-human and human determinants of ecosystem degradation processes in three contrasted regions, as well as interventions tested in each. The three responses to ecosystem degradation under review are restoration, rehabilitation and reallocation as applied to ongoing projects in arid mediterranean region of southern Tunisia, the semi arid tropical savannas of northern Cameroon.

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Restoration and Rehabilitation of Arid and Semiarid Mediterranean Ecosystems in North Africa and West Asia: A Review


This study systematically analyzes extensive literature on exclosures, afforestation, reafforestation, rehabilitation and other regeneration operations over several million hectares. It also includes 50 years of the author’s personal field experience in 17 of the 20 Mediterranean bioclimatic areas from the Atlantic Ocean to the Aral Sea.

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