Forestry‐based carbon sequestration projects in Africa: Potential benefits and challenges


While there is growing international interest in developing payment schemes for environmental services, including forest-based carbon sequestration, concern has been expressed that these initiatives are unequally distributed around the globe with an emphasis on Asia or Latin America leaving out African countries where financial inflows could make an especially significant impact given many are among the poorest in the world. This paper seeks to fill a gap in the literature by synthesizing forest-based carbon sequestration projects in Africa while considering the potential to locate future projects there.

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Non-timber Forest Product Harvest does not Affect the Genetic Diversity of a Tropical Tree Despite Negative Effects on Population Fitness


The authors investigated a relationship between exploitation of economically important mahogany in Benin and the species genetic diversity. The study is base on the theory that disturbances in forest habitats can lead to a decrease in diversity due to population fragmentation and increased inbreeding.

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Structure spatiale des arbres des savanes boisées et forêts claires soudaniennes : implication pour les enrichissements forestiers (Spatial structure of trees in forested savanna and Sudanian forests: implication for forest enrichment)

This article is concerned with modeling ideal spacial distributions of tree species in Benin. The authors suggest 3 meters as the ideal distance between trees of the same species, or 4.5 meters between trees of different species.


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