Analysis of the Carbon Sequestration Costs of Afforestation and Reforestation Agroforestry Practices and the Use of Cost Curves to Evaluate their Potential for Implementation of Climate Change Mitigation


This article analyzes the carbon sequestration costs of agroforestry afforestation/reforestation projects (ARPs) as part of the UN's Clean Development Mechanism by evaluating both economies of scale and opportunity costs that affect total sequestration costs. The study uses an agroforestry project called Scolel Té in Chiapas, Mexico to calculate the average net present value (ANPV) of the project in terms of carbon price and project area.

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Scolel'te Plan Vivo Project


Starting with a pilot program in 1994, the Scolel'te Project is one of the longest running projects in the Plan Vivo network. It is an ecosystem services program that focuses primarily on reforestation in the Chiapas region of Mexico. 

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