Survival and Growth of Seedlings of 19 Native Tree and Shrub Species Planted in Degraded Forest as Part of a Forest Restoration Project in Madagascar's Highlands


This study compares the survival rates of 19 native tree and shrub species grown in a forest restoration project in Madagascar’s highlands. The study results are used to compare the survival of relatively short seedlings compared to relatively tall seedlings for all species combined in order to test the importance of seedling size for restoration.

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Factors Limiting the Survival of Native Tree Seedlings used in Conservation Efforts at the Edges of Forest Fragments in Upland Madagascar


This study investigates the survival of tree seedlings 15 months after planting in grasslands along the edges of tropical forest fragments damaged by fire in four restoration treatments in upland Madagascar.

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Tropical Forest Transitions and Globalization: Neo-Liberalism, Migration, Tourism, and International Conservation Agendas


Deforestation is giving way to forest regeneration in some tropical regions. This paper uses two case studies to investigate such ‘forest transitions’ in two biodiversity-rich countries, Costa Rica and Madagascar.

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