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Arboles Utiles de la Region Tropical de America del Norte (Useful Trees of the Tropical Region of North America)



This article describes 20 species of tropical trees that grow natively or have been introduced to tropical North America.

research goals & methods

This publication aims to provide essential information on silvis and silviculture of select forest tree species for their adequate establishment, culture and management.

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Banco de semillas del suelo y su papel en la recuperación de los bosques tropicales (Soil seed banks and its role in tropical forest recovery)



Entender los factores que determinan la regeneración natural en el trópico es crucial para la planificación y dirección de esfuerzos de restauración exitosos.

objetivos y metodología

El estudio presenta una descripción sobre el significado y la importancia del banco de semillas en el trópico, de sus características, de los factores determinantes para su existencia y de su aporte en la restauración y conservación.

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Forest and landscape restoration severely constrained by a lack of attention to the quantity and quality of tree seed: Insights from a global survey


This review article focuses on tree seed supply in the context of forest and landscape restoration (FLR). The article asserts that large-scale FLR commitments will require billions of tree seeds and seedlings, and that this supply is extremely inadequate in terms of not only quantity but also genetic diversity and quality. The article reviews 139 FLR projects worldwide and identifies widespread problems in the availability and diversity of tree seed supply. 

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L’agriculture de conservation à la croisée des chemins en Afrique et à Madagascar (Conservation agriculture at a crossroads in Africa and Madagascar)

The authors describe conservation agriculture, which they describe as farming systems that use little mechanical soil disturbance, permanant organic cover, and diversified crops. The authors argue that conservation agriculture is important for maintaining soil health.


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La participation communautaire au cœur du modèle de restauration de la Grande muraille verte africaine (Community participation at the heart of the model for restoration of the Great Green Wall)

The authors describe the African initiative of the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel, which is currently in process. Thay note that the initiative is gainaing visibility and includes 110 participating villages. The article concludes by calling for support for these types of initiaties.


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Les légumineuses arborescentes dans les systèmes de production des zones sèches de Côte d'Ivoire (Arborescent leguminous plants in the production systems of dry zonesin Côte d’Ivoire)

The authors saught to identify woody legumes adapted to dry conditions of Côte d’Ivoire and to determine their success in reforestation. They describe 18 species of woody plants that were successful seven years after planting while also noting several species that responded well to coppicing under tropical dry conditions.

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Preliminary assessment of post-Haiyan mangrove damage andshort-term recovery in Eastern Samar, central Philippines


In this study, authors examined the natural ability of mangrove trees to recover after major storms and supertyphoons in the Philippines. Coastal mangroves are important for reducing the damage from these storms.

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Explorer la banque de graines du sol pour mieuxcomprendre la dynamique de régénération des forêtstropicales africaines (synthèse bibliographique)

The authors provide a review of the current knowledge of soil seed banks in African tropical forests. They argue that increased knowledge of soil seed banks will lead to better understanding of forest regeneration and therefore more successful reforestation efforts. Finally, the authors call for better characterization of seed banks based on forest community, as this could aid reforestation and sustainable forest management efforts in African tropical forests.


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Collaborative Efforts On Mangrove Restoration In Sedari Village, Karawang District, West Java Province


Many communities are undertaking mangrove restoration projects to try to return some of the ecosystem services provided by mangrove forests, with mixed success.

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Creating Woodland Islets to Reconcile Ecological Restoration, Conservation, and Agricultural Land Use


The paper recognizes that there exists an agriculture and conservation paradox - agriculture is frequently in conflict with the other environmental services that forests provide. Thus, the authors review existing approaches to woodland restoration and consider the use of the woodland islets approach. 

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