Farmers’ planting practices in Burkina Faso


Improved Seed Supply for Agroforestry in African Countries (ISSAAC) is a Danish funded project led by ICRAF, FLD, and national seed centers in Burkina Faso, Malawi, and Uganda. This paper focuses on the project in Burkina Faso, whose overall objective is to improve farmer access to agroforestry seed. 

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Hiniduma Biolink Project, Sri Lanka - Reforesting traditional home gardens using the analog forestry concept in wet zones of Sri Lanka


The Hinidum Biolink Project is a cooperative effort between the Conservation Carbon Company and Rainforest Rescue International that aims to build a biodiversity corridor between two remnant forests in Sri Lanka. The document is a plan for this Plan Vivo project, developed in June 2011.

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Árboles Nativos y Ciudad: Aportes a la Silvicultura urbana de Medellín (Native Trees and the City: Lessons from urban silviculture in Medellin)



A pesar de la atención que la silvicultura urbana ha recibido a nivel conceptual en  la ciudad de Medellín, se presentan vacíos en la ejecució de acciones concretas a nivel Municipal. La implementación del Programa de Silvicultura Urbana en la ciudad de Medellín logra resultados hacia la mejora del paisaje urbano a cuatro años de haberse iniciado.

objetivos y metodología

Esta publicación presenta las acciones de planificación, investigación y aplicación de estrategias de propagación y manejo de especies en el contexto urbano de la ciudad de Medellín.

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Formations boisées et savanes africaines: opportunités et potentialités de la REDD+ (Wooded formations and African savannas: opportunities and potential of REDD+)

The authors provide an overview of the REDD+ program and deforestation in Africa. They addressed limitations fo REDD+ and noted that because each community is different, each project must be tailored to the individual needs of communities.


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Fiche technique - Comment régénérer naturellement une forêt en Côte d’Ivoire? (Technical Paper: How to naturally regenerate a forest in Ivory Coast?)

The authors lists several challenges and barriers of successful natural regeneration in the Ivory Coast.

They then present natural regeneration strategies for the region.


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Les forêts plantées dans les économies émergentes: Bonnes pratiques pour des investissements durables et responsables (The forests planted in emerging economies: Best practices for sustainable and responsible investments)

The authors provide a summary of best practices regarding sustainable and responsible investments in forests.


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Ten Principles for a Landscape Approach to Reconciling Agriculture, Conservation, and Other Competing Land Uses


"Landscape approaches" in ecological restoration aim to provide tools and concepts for allocating and managing land that both provide social, economic, and environmental objectives in regions in which land use typically compete with environmental and biodiversity goals. This paper outlines the current consensus on landscape approaches. 

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Les initiatives de restauration des paysages forestiers du WWF (WWF's Forest Landscape Restoration Initiatives)

The pamphlet provides an overview of WWF's forest landscape restoration (FLR) projects worldwide.


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Economic and Social Significance of Forests for Africa’s Sustainable Development


This magazine issue covers topics related to Africa's forests and sustainable development.

Conclusions & Takeaways

Topics include sustainable mangrove management in Nigeria, plantation forests in South Africa, natural resource management in Zambia, land governance by local communities, etc.


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Financial Governance and Indonesia’s Reforestation Fund during the Soeharto and Post-Soeharto Periods, 1989–2009: A Political Economic Analysis of Lessons for REDD+


In this occassional paper, CIFOR notes how Indonesia is in an unique position to utilize the REDD+ initiative to increase revenue and reduce loss of forest cover, overall contributing to the reduction in global carbon emmssions. In order to offer lessons for the future, this paper examines the financial management and government practices of the country's Reforestation Fund over the past two decades.

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