Initiative pour la restauration des forêts et paysages forestiers en Afrique (Initiative for the restoration of forests and forest corridors in Africa)

The authors present an overview of the African forest landscape initiative, a cooperatoin between WRI, NEPAD, BMZ and The World Bank. The document reviews opportunities and challenges for forest land restoration projects in Africa as well as opportunities for collaboration with governments, NGOs, and intergovernmental agencies.



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Preliminary assessment of post-Haiyan mangrove damage andshort-term recovery in Eastern Samar, central Philippines


In this study, authors examined the natural ability of mangrove trees to recover after major storms and supertyphoons in the Philippines. Coastal mangroves are important for reducing the damage from these storms.

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Régénération naturelle assistée des forêts villageoises et promotion d’activités génératrices de revenus au profit des populations rurales au Burkina Faso

The authors describe the mission of the nongovernmental organization NewTree, which seeks to support rural populations in their fight against desertification and poverty. They discuss assisted natural regeneration in Burkina Faso in particular, as a means of generating sustainable revenue and state that the program has successfully preserved 225 hectares of land while generating income for rural communities.


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La participation communautaire au cœur du modèle de restauration de la Grande muraille verte africaine (Community participation at the heart of the model for restoration of the Great Green Wall)

The authors describe the African initiative of the Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel, which is currently in process. Thay note that the initiative is gainaing visibility and includes 110 participating villages. The article concludes by calling for support for these types of initiaties.


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Les acacias: des plantes fixatrices d’azote prometteuses pour le développement durable des zones arides et semi-arides (Acacia: Promising Nitrogen fixing trees for sustainable development in arid and semi-arid areas)

The authors discuss the use of Acacia species for production purposes in arid and semi-arid zones.


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Investir dans la forêt de demain : vers un Programme d'action pour la revitalisation de la foresterie en afrique de l'Ouest (Investing in the forests of tomorrow)

The authors provide an analysis of Sahelian forests and place the state of forests in West Africa into a historical context. They provide case studies of agroforestry and assisted natural regeneration (ANR) in forested areas of Togo, Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, Senegal, Gambia, and Guinea. Finally, the authors provide recommendations for smart investments in West African forests.


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Quelques réussites dans la réduction de la déforestation: Des pays tropicaux où les politiques de protection de la forêt et de reboisement ont fonctionné

This report highlights successes of developing countries and their strategies for reducing deforestation and as a result, their emissions of greenhouse gases. The authors note that decreases in deforestation are primarily a result of REDD+ programs, including payments for ecosystem services, better law enforcement, governance reforms, moratoria on deforestation practices, and incorporating the environment in development efforts. Other successes come from policy changes and programs that have had intended and unintended positive impacts on forests.


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Évaluation des impacts socio-économiques: cas d’unité forestière d’aménagement de la compagnie forestière Leroy-Gabon (Socio-economic Impact Assessment: The Case of the Leroy-Gabon Forest Management Unit)


This article provides a socioeconomic impact assessment of forest operations by the Leory-Gabon forest company.

Research Goals & Methods

Data were collected in villages and forest-exploitation camps between 2001 and 2002. The study relied on group survey data and selected research villages that experienced direct effects of forestry that were located in the UFA1 forestry zone.

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Quelles sont les causes de la déforestation dans le bassin du Congo? Synthèse bibliographique et études de cas (What are the causes of deforestation in the Congo Basin? Bibliographic synthesis and case studies)

The article presents a literature review of different factors affecting deforestation rates in the Congo (especially Cameroon and Gabon), the most devastating of which they identified as agriculture. The authors argue that the Congo Bassin is one of the most important and best preserved ecosystems on earth. Finally, the author calls for moe studies of socio-economic factors representing the different stages of degradation, so as to better inform policy.


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Local Knowledge Helps Select Species for Forest Restoration in a Tropical Dry Forest of Central Veracruz, Mexico


This paper presents a participative approach to species selection in forest restoration in the tropical dry forest in Mexico. Recent shifts in government programming now favor the planting of native speices over exotic timber species that have historically been used in reforestation projects.

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